Saturday, May 16, 2009

My name is Toni, and I think (therefore, I know) that am getting too Lazy even for the Lazy Men's Club International (ehhL-M-C-I!).

I don't know the cause of this laziness. Heck! am not even fat, for Burgery sake! Does it have to do with age or what? Somebody, please tell me. And the worse thing is: this laziness is beginning to affect my mind! A lazy mind and body. Now, that's something. err... wait a minute now. Just remembered that there's an exception: a part of my body, down-south. Now, that fella right there is a workaholic!

These days all I WANT to do is sit back and watch movies/TV all day long. Could this have anything to do with the fact that MOOLAH aint coming as I had always antcipated? I need some expert advice on how I can get back to how I was a few years back: a hardworking, hardthinking black man.

Laziness aside, I had to go do some tests last week as I was down with fever. Now, I am not one for frequent illness and stuff, but, boy, was I scared! One of the tests was HIV-test. It wasn't my first time going for that test but, any/everybody can agree that despite the number of times you go for HIV screening, the heart beats a very high tune while you wait for that result. Last week was my 4th HIV test in the last 3yrs.

The result was NEGATIVE.

Mizchief, thanks for being the only ONE to comment on my welcome-back post. Am not one for cheap popularity but, I think your blog is, to me, the best at the mo.
Does anyone know where Minky (the blogger) is? If I were a 'cyber-islamic', Mizchief and Minky would be my 'cyber-wives'. lol.

TTYL. Peace-out!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Back... Again!

Hello there... my lovely people of blogvillage!

Did y'all miss me?

I'm hearing, "for where? ... who know you?... oh! were u on blogville b4?..." yea, yea... I know. And, am not ashamed to admit it: I did miss you all... Mizchief and co. But, hey! am glad to be back tho. I truly am.

Why did I go AWOL on y'all b4? That's a topic for another day.

Been following some blogs for a while now... mad fun, i'd say! Ibiluv, Mizchief, etc... very funtertainment blogs.

Would love to rant on a bit... but in the end, the summary remains: I missed blogging a lot! And, am glad to be back... again.

We shall have loads of fun this time. yes? no? maybe?


See you around.